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NukeFX Version: 1.7
NukePA Version: 1.2

NukeFX - Documentation

WIP V 1.7

This is a work-in-progress. I want all feedback, good or bad. Please let me know how it worked for you.

Short version history of Pinball FX2 launcher - NukeFX
Version 1.7 - 2014/10/04: Added support for older offline versions of Pinball FX2. See below "My tables are in a different order, now what?"
Version 1.6 - 2014/10/03: Added new pause and in-game instruction support. Press 'P' to pause, 'I' for info. Press again to return to game.
Version 1.5 - 2014/10/01: New smart exit features added with three different exit options: kill, savekill and saveexit. See "ExitMethod" below.
Version 1.4 - 2014/09/28: Guessing engine improvements based on tester feedback.
Version 1.3 (beta) - 2014/09/20: Small group of testers - thank you for your feedback, guys!
Version 1.1 - 2014/08/15: Optimization and making everything a sub or function; work on making it smarter and faster.
Version 1.0 - 2014/07/3: Alpha version - local testing and debugging (lots and lots of debugging); busting my ass to make something great.
I am also open to writing, spelling, and grammar correction and improvements. Feel free to edit this HTML and send it back to me, or just send me the changes in an email. Please place brackets [ ] around anything you have changed so I can quickly review it, verify the changes, and update this file for everyone.
I know this document is kind of long but I want it to be clear. I want you to be able to do this yourself in one sitting with no outside help needed.
Hopefully this program will help you. My email is listed at the top of this page so if you need help, contact me and I will see what I can do.
If someone contacts me I will update the documentation to address their issue so all can benefit from their question(s). If you want to help make NukeFX better or add support for a new feature just send me an email.
This will work for PinballX and HyperSpin, and it should work with HyperPin (soon) and any other system that can pass the table name in quotes along a command line. If you test this with another system and it works, please let me know so I can add instructions for that system.
HyperPin does not support Pinball FX2 tables but if they just added the support it would work the same way as all the other systems. Please, anyone that can put pressure on the guys at HyperPin to support Pinball FX - do so! Write emails, talk about it on the forums, ask loudly and it should happen. Go comment on this post. All they have to do is make HyperPin look at three subfolders instead of two for XML files and give us a place to point to a launcher like this one.
I don't have access to the Xbox Live / Windows 8 app version so I don't know if that works with this. If someone could post some screenshots and path information, that would be helpful.

Features List

  1. Smart Movement: Go directly to the table you picked, instead of moving the selector back to the top left position and then back to the table you selected
  2. Guessing Engine: A table title guessing engine that tries to match up your unique game names from an XML database and orders them like they're on the Pinball FX2 table selection menu. No more renaming all of your files to fit with the launcher!
  3. Self Aware: Auto-detection of Steam / PC / XboxLive versions based on super smart logic.
  4. Football Magic: Gives you full use of all the football tables, whereas most launchers don't support football tables at all
  5. Stretchy Zen: Fully supports adding new tables from the .ini file, so when Zen Studios rolls out a new table release you can just update the .ini.
  6. Multi Dimensional: Support for vertical or horizontal layouts by updating the .ini file with your grid dimensions.
  7. Super Timing: Lets you adjust all aspects of timing from inside the .ini including StartDelay / ScreenDelay / MovementDelay.
  8. Hot Seat Love: Single or hotseat 2/3/4 player preference selection in the .ini.
  9. DMD Nuke: Supports hiding the borders on your DMD, whereas most launchers require you to find, download, and install other programs to do that.
  10. Future Scope: Built with the future in mind so everything that can be changed is editable by you or automated for you.

Tips / Notes

A few tips and notes before we begin:
  • Tables refers to pinball tables / games selections.
  • Pointer does not refer to the mouse arrow. It refers to the pinball table or menu that's currently highlighted.
  • DMD refers to the dot matrix display that floats over the screen.
  • Grid refers to the main menu where all your paid and locked tables appear in rows and columns.
  • Hyperspin and HyperPin are two different programs. Hyperspin is compatible with some effort. However, HyperPin is not at this time.
  • When I say make a note of something, I mean write it down or copy and paste it to a new text file. Whatever works for you.
  • When I say text editor, I mean a real text editing program like Notepad++ or UltraEdit. Do NOT use Microsoft Word Pad, Microsoft NotePad, or Microsoft Word. Those are not true text editors, they are word processors and will mess up your files.
  • All variable values are non-case sensitive so "TRUE", "True" and "true" are all the same. This goes for table names too.
  • In places where I have put quotes around something, it's to show the actual value I am referring to or the variable name. Do NOT include the quotes in your entries, except when it says otherwise.


Thanks for actually reading this file first! You just saved yourself a lot of time. If you just try to run the .EXE straight off, it will fail.
You should disable Windows UAC. PinballX, Pinball FX2, Pinball Emulators, and NukeFX all run better without the extra interference UAC creates. This will help avoid issues created by hidden security warnings and popup windows.
Click "Start" then search for UAC click on it to launch the UAC screen then drag the slider all the way to the bottom and click "OK"
Before you do anything else, open Pinball FX2 (NOT NukeFX), and take a screenshot if you can. This will be helpful if the guessing engine is not successful later on. If you can't take a screenshot that's OK. Just read on and make a few notes for use later in the setup.
Now that you have Pinball FX2 running, make a note of the size of the grid on the table selection screen. Mine is 7x8. Yours might be 7x7 or 6x9 or something else. Select the football table, then select the top left table (it should be "Zen Studios"). Start that table, then back out and exit Pinball FX2
Well, that was easy right? Now move on the Getting Started section.

Getting Started

Let's get down to the business. First make sure you have all the files needed to run NukeLauncher. They are all in the zip file you downloaded from our homepage.
If you don't have them here is another link: Download Nukelauncher ZIP
  • NukeLauncher.exe
  • NukeLauncher.ini
  • NukeLauncher Read Me First <-- The is a shortcut to the document you're reading now

File Placement

Nukefx Filepath SteamMake sure you have the files in the correct location. See example paths listed below.
Your NukeFX files must be run from the correct folder.
For the Steam version it's the folder where Steam.exe is located.
or the offline version of Pinball FX2 it's the folder where Pinball FX2.exe is located.
For the Xbox Live App version it's the folder where Pinball FX2.exe is located.
Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\
PC/Offline: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Game Studios\Pinball FX\
Xbox Live: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Studios.PinballFx2_1.3 .0.452_x86\

If you are using the Steam version your NukeFX files should be located in the main steam folder where steam.exe is like shown above and in the screen shot. If you place your files here NukeFX will auto detect that you are using Steam and will automatically know to use the proper command line for Steam. This is how the game will be launched - "Steam.exe -applaunch 226980"

Special note to Steam users: Do not put the NukeFX files in this location "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\pinball fx2"

If you don't use the proper path you will get a security warning, Pinball FX2 will crash, or you may get the dreaded "Steam is still running" message. If you just downloaded this and opened it from your downloads folder or desktop, now is a good time to move it to your Pinball FX2 or Steam folder. Move all the files that came in the zip there now and continue with the next step.
Also make a note of this location you will need it later in the setup.

Your file locations may be different but these are the default locations Pinball FX2 installs to.
The Xbox Live Example Path is a hidden folder, so in order to see it you will need to follow some more steps. More Info


Always run apps like PinballX, NukeFX,Pinball FX2. as Administrator.

To do that right-click on each .exe and click on "Properties." Then click the "Compatibility" tab and check the box "Run this program as an Administrator" and click "OK."

See screen shot if you need help.

Minimal Setup

If you're in a hurry and don't want all the details of each setting, just do the following sections and give it a try.
Read and perform the steps in the following sections: "XMLFile", "GridDimensions", and "How to launch." After you have set those three variables you should be up and running. Then you can come back and do some tweaking. In order for this to work, you must have all of the Pinball FX2 tables in your XML file. If you haven't bought a table or don't want it to show in your front end, edit your XML file and mark the ones you don't want to show as <enabled>False</enabled>.

However, I recommend you read through everything first. You will benefit from having a clearer understating of what everything is and how it all works.

If you run into problems, come back here and look through all of the information including the troubleshooting section.

Variable Descriptions


XMLFile =

Edit the "XMLFile" to point to your Pinball FX2.xml database. It will read the PinballX and Hyperspin databases.
Example Path: C:\PinballX\Databases\Pinball FX2\Pinball FX2.xml
Example Path: C:\Hyperspin\Databases\Pinball FX2\Pinball FX2.xml

XML database Pinball FX2.XML ready to drop in place. Tip: right click and (save as)

This very important but at the same time optional. Let me explain in the notes below.

If you point this to your Pinball FX2.xml file it will attempt to parse the XML and extract your unique Pinball FX2 table names. You may have used dashes (-), underscores (_), or removed all the spaces from the file names when you downloaded your media files. This would make your media files list different than mine. Take this table name for example: STARWARS_Episode_4. This is how Zen Studios named that table, but when I went looking for the wheel, backglass, and table images they had names like "STARWARS - Episode 4" or "STARWARS - IV" or "Star Wars - Episode IV A New Hope" or "SWANH." So I settled on my own naming convention and made all of my media files match, then I added that name to my XML file. I wanted to make a program that everyone can use, but I had to know the way they named their files and how they correlate to the menu locations of Pinball FX2. So I went to work writing some code to untangle this mess and I think I found a great solution.
I call it the Guessing Engine. I won't bore you with descriptions of my coding prowess (the code is not really all that complicated), but the bottom line is it works perfectly about 98 to 99 percent of the time. Back to where I started, the XML is OPTIONAL. If you enter it my code will try to work its magic and match up all of your table names with the positions in the menu grid. If you don't add it you will need to manually edit the PinballTables and FootballTables files and add your table name in the proper order. See Section "Manually add your tables" under "Trouble Shooting / FAQ".

GridDimensions =

Main Menu
Enter the dimensions of the grid of tables displayed on the main menu of you Pinball FX2 game. This will vary depending on your version and screen orientation.
Default: 8x7 assuming you are running Pinball FX2 in Portrait/Vertical in a pinball cabinet. If you are running in Landscape/Horizontal then its probably going to be 7x8.

They will change this over time as they add new tables. You will need to come back and change the grid dimensions when they change.

To find your dimensions open Pinball FX2 and count the number of rows (side to side) and the number of columns (top to bottom) and enter those dimensions on the line called "GridDimensions" in the following format: "Rows"x"Columns".

Example: 8x7 default for Portrait - Vertical (see example image)
Example: 7x8 default for Landscape - Horizontal (see example image)

This was a fun puzzle to work out. Other launchers hard-code the football table to be always selected on start up of Pinball FX2. So they just make the first keystrokes UP and then LEFT five times, which works great if you're playing in landscape mode. If you're playing in portrait mode the tables will be off and it will always pick the wrong one. That's easy to fix, but if you don't know how to do it you end up waiting for someone to release a new launcher. Then let's say Zen Studios adds another table and you're dead again until someone fixes it or you learn to recode it yourself. That all sucks.

So what I did was worked out a system that always knows where the football table is. Then I based all keystrokes from that point. No more waiting for the launcher to move to the top left position and then move back down to the table you want to play. NukeFX just knows that the start position is Football table and then calculates the quickest path to the table you want to play. It's much faster and more flexible than other solutions because if Zen Studios adds another table you just add the name to the beginning of your "PinballTables" variable in the NukeLauncher.ini file, and everything re-adjusts to its new position. No coding or waiting!

NumberofPlayers =

Do NOT change this setting at first. Only change it after everything else is working correctly.

If you want NukeFX to use the single player option, leave it set to "1". Default: 1
If you want NukeFX to automatically select multiplayer / Hotseat, change "NumberofPlayers" from "1" to "2", "3", or "4".
Most launchers don't even consider that you might want to play multiplayer. But I wanted you to be able to play alone OR with others (my wife likes Pinball too). I made the default single player but added the ability to alter the way the Launcher carries out the last step of starting the table. Now it will move the pointer to the Hotseat option and select the number of players you want.


DMDstyle =

Do NOT change this setting at first. Only change this after everything else is working correctly.

Edit "DMDstyle" if you want to alter how the Pinball FX2 DMD displays. More on this below. Default: clean
To use this option you need to do a few things first.
  1. Edit your NukeLauncher.ini file setting "DMDstyle" to "clean" and save it.
  2. Run Pinball FX2 (NOT NukeLauncher.exe) by double-clicking the icon. Press enter to get to the main menu.
  3. Click on the Help / Options icon in the lower left corner. Look under "video" and find "DMD size." Change it to "off."
  4. Back out of that menu and select a table. You should not see the DMD.
  5. Now exit Pinball FX2. Note: In the final step NukeFX will create a file called dotmatrix.cfg in the same location as Pinball FX2 (if it doesn't already exist). Note: if you are running the steam version you will need to move this file from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam to here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PInball FX2 folder.
  6. Open the dotmatrix.cfg file and change the screen position "X" and "Y" values to where on your screen you want it to display. Edit the "width" and "height" to the size you want it to be.

If you are using this on a P2k style cabinet you should click here to see the "P2k" FAQ section.
Getting the X and Y values right for your setup can be tricky. Some lucky people have it easy. Others have had to enter negative numbers and really work to get it to show where they want it to. I hate to do this but Google "Pinball FX2 dotmatrix.cfg" and you will find more help with this.


StartDelay =
ScreenDelay =
MovementDelay =

Do NOT change any of the delay settings at first. After everything else is setup you can change this to adjust the timing. Change this only if you want to speed things up or slow things down.

If the timing is off nothing will work correctly. To help with timing issues I made all of the time settings adjustable and set them high for maximum compatibility. "StartDelay" adjusts how much time passes before the flaming Pinball FX logo displays at start up. Default: 15000
"ScreenDelay" adjusts how much time passes between screen changes. Default: 1000
"MovementDelay" adjusts how much time passes between keystrokes that move the selection box around the screen. Default: 20
A lot of other launchers fail because they've hard-coded timing into the launcher. If someone has a slower PC, then some keystrokes are missed altogether, the wrong table is selected, or no table at all. If you have a fast system you may want to enter the following settings: StartDelay = 12000, ScreenDelay = 500, and MovementDelay = 10. Those are my values but I have an SSD.



Pinball Fx Main Menu HHere you can alter the default starting location that NukeFX uses. Most people have the top left table as the default start table. If this is how yours is setup leave the value set to 1. Some people who have reported that the football tables are the default so they use that as there start location. As Zen Studios adds tables, the start location will move and change. Alter as needed. If you're not sure just open Pinball FX2 and count each table from left to right, top to bottom, starting from the top left until you get to the default highlighted table.

See the image to the right for reference only. Yours may be

For example if the highlighted table was "South Park - Super Sweet Pinball" then the Start location would be 1.
If the highlighted table was "Marvel - Venom" then the Start location would be 15.



Pinball Fx Main Menu H
For most people this will be 14 or 15. If your football table is not the 15th table listed on your menu, edit the value and change it to your football table location number. To get your location number simply count each table from left to right, top to bottom, starting from the top left until you get to the football table.

See the image to the right for reference only. Yours may be

football table is in location 15 in this example.



This changes how the exit key works. Available values are kill, savekill, and saveexit.
If you need to change the key that triggers the exit see the KeyBindings section. If you need to use a joystick see the Joystick section.
  1. "kill" will send an ALT F4 which will exit Pinball FX2.
  2. "savekill" will enter the keystrokes to exit the table you're playing and give Pinball FX2 enough time to save your progress. Then it sends an ALT F4 to close Pinball FX2.
  3. "saveexit" will enter the keystrokes to exit the table you're playing and give Pinball FX2 enough time to save your progress. Then it moves the pointer to Pinball FX2's exit button and closes the program through its normal mechanism.


PinballTables =

NOTE: The name that Pinball FX2 uses for its file naming in the "data_steam" folder is irrelevant. Let me state that another way. The .pxp files have nothing to do with anything, so don't point anything to that folder or use that for your table naming. That will just confuse you and not help with anything

Leave this blank on the first run. We will run our Guessing Engine and try to fill it in for you.

The first time you run NukeFX it automatically adds a comma separated list of all of your tables if you entered the "XMLFile" path properly.
You must have all of the Pinball FX2 tables in your XML file. If you haven't bought a table or don't want it to show in your front end, edit your XML and mark the ones you don't want to show as <enabled>False</enabled>.
Troubleshooting Tips:
If NukeFX sometimes picks the wrong table please refer to the FAQ section under "It's Picking The Wrong Table".
If this field is still blank after you run NukeFX the first time, double check your XML path or refer to the FAQ section under "Manually add your tables".

FootballTables =

Leave this blank on the first run. We will run our Guessing Engine and try to fill it in for you.

The first time you run NukeFX it automatically adds a comma separated list of all of your football tables if you entered the "XMLFile" path properly.
Trouble Shooting Tips:
If NukeFX sometimes picks the wrong football table please refer to the FAQ section under "It's Picking The Wrong Table." You also may have skipped the "Primer" above. You must sync your football tables. Refer to the "LastFootball" section below.
If this field is still blank after you run NukeFX the first time, double check your XML path or refer to the FAQ section under "Manually add your tables."

LastFootball =

Leave this blank on the first run. We will run our Guessing Engine and try to fill it in for you. If you skipped the primer step this will fail to sync up and you will need to follow the steps below.

After the first run this will list a single Football table name. If something went wrong refer to the FAQ section under "Re-Sync LastFootball".



You must have KB_Escape = set to a key or joystick button so NukeFX knows you want to exit the game.
Some people have reported they must use the same exit key as PinballX uses to exit. Others have said it only works for them if they set it to a different key than PinballX uses.

Mine has always worked on all of my test setups as "esc." That's the same key I use in PinballX as my exit key, so be aware of that.
All of the other KeyBindings should only be used as a last resort. You should always use the in-game menus to setup different key or joystick configurations. I only added them to help some people who could not setup the mapping they wanted in-game.

If you need help with how to use a joystick button to exit, go to the Joystick Exiting section.

How to Launch

See the sections below for the system from which you are trying to launch.



Option 1:
Edit your PinballX.ini located in C:\PinballX\Config\. Change the following lines:
Name=Pinball FX2
WorkingPath=C:\PinballX\games\Pinball FX2 <--- Change this to same path you determined in the "File Placement" section of this document.
Parameters="[TABLEFILE]" <--- Don't forget the quotes.
Option 2:
Open the PinballX Setup Wizard. It should be in the PinballX program group on your start menu.
If you can't find it in the start menu browse to the folder you installed it to on your hard drive (usually C:\PinballX\). Look for the settings.exe file and double-click it. Hit the right arrow at the bottom of the screen until the tile says "Other Systems".
  • Select Pinball FX2 from the "Select System" drop down menu or pick an empty spot from the menu if you don't have Pinball FX2 setup all ready.
  • Enter "Pinball FX2" in the box labeled "Name/Folder".
  • Now change "Enable" to "Yes".
  • Next select "Custom" in the dropdown labeled "System Type".
  • In the box labeled "WorkingPath," enter the same path you determined in the "File Placement" section of this document (the same place as the NukeFX files).
  • Leave the box labeled "TablePath" blank. Do not point this to the .pxp files as they are irrelevant.
  • In the box labeled "Executable" enter the same path as what you entered for the Working Path and add "NukeLauncher.exe" to the end.
  • Last, fill in the box labeled "Parameters" with "[TABLEFILE]". This time include the quotation marks.

You must include the quotes or Windows will send three separate variables instead of one. See below for more information.
Note: NukeFX only looks at the first variable for the game name. With no quotes Windows sees each word as a separate variable so NukeFX will only receive the word "The".


I want this to work as much as you do. Unfortunately, it won't until HyperPin adds support for Pinball FX2. So contact them and request that it be added! If they add it, NukeFX will take care of the rest.


Command Prompt

Open a command prompt as an Administrator. Use the command cd.. to get back to the root of your hard drive. Then use the cd command to get to the folder where Pinball FX and NukeFX are located. Type NukeLauncher.exe "The Walking Dead"

You must include the quotes or Windows will send three separate variables instead of one. NukeFX only looks at the first variable for the game name. With no quotes Windows sees each word as a separate variable, so NukeFX will only receive the word "The".

Troubleshooting / FAQ

I am just releasing this to the public so there are bound to be a few issues. I have done a lot of testing and I think it's rock solid but I know once it's out in the world, anything could happen. So please be patient with me and I'll try to resolve it.


Manually add your tables

If you're reading this then I guess you are the 1% I didn't account for, or my Guessing Engine just sucks. It's pretty straightforward. Just create a list of all of your table names like you used when saving your wheel images, or get them from your XML database. Open the XML file and highlight the table names one by one and copy them to another empty text file.

You want the part that says name="name of game". Once you have them all in one place, put them in the same order as they appear in the Pinball FX2 tables menu (or, as I call it, the grid). The grid orders them from left to right, top to bottom. They need to be separated by a comma. Do NOT add any extra spaces.
Example: The Walking Dead,Star Wars - Han Solo,Star Wars - Droids
Don't skip the main Football Table. It may not be in your XML but you need to include it in your PinballTables list I use, SFX.
You might save some time by grabbing my "PinballTables" listing from the "Example NukeLauncher.ini" section above. Paste it into a text editor and add your table name above them so you can keep the order straight . Or you can replace my names as you go. It's up to you.

Example NukeLauncher.ini file

Here is an example of a working NukeLauncher.ini file after editing. Yours will look different and it will not start out looking like this.
XMLFile = C:\PinballX\Databases\Pinball FX2\Pinball FX2.xml
GridDimensions = 7x8
NumberofPlayers = 1
DMDstyle= clean
StartDelay = 15000
ScreenDelay = 1000
MovementDelay = 20
StartLocation = 1
FootballLocation = 15
ExitMethod = saveexit
PinballTables = The Walking Dead,Star Wars - Han Solo,Star Wars - Droids,Star Wars - Episode IV A New Hope,Star Wars - Masters of the Force,Star Wars - Episode VI Return of the Jedi,Star Wars - Starfighter Assault,Star Wars - Darth Vader,Star Wars - Episode V The Empire Strikes Back,Star Wars - The Clone Wars,Star Wars - Boba Fett,Super League Football,Marvel - Guardians of the Galaxy,Marvel - Deadpool,Marvel - Doctor Strange,Marvel - Captain America,Marvel - Fantastic Four,Marvel - Civil War,Marvel - The Avengers,Marvel - Fear Itself,Marvel - The Infinity Gauntlet,Marvel - World War Hulk,Marvel - Thor,Marvel - Moon Knight,Marvel - Ghost Rider,Marvel - X-Men,Marvel - Blade,Marvel - Iron Man,Marvel - Spider-Man,Marvel - Wolverine,Plants vs. Zombies,Ms. Splosion Man,Earth Defense,Mars,Excalibur,Paranormal,Epic Quest,Secrets of the Deep,Biolab,Pasha,Rome,Shaman,Tesla,El Dorado,V12,Sorcerers Lair,
FootballTables = Football - Zen,Football - Arsenal,Football - Liverpool,Football - Barcelona,Football - RealMadrid,Football - Milan,Football - Roma,Football - Juventus,

LastFootball = Football - Barcelona

Joystick Exiting / Joystick Mapping

NukeLauncher was written with AHK (Auto Hot Key) and mapping joystick commands a little more difficult than keyboard commands.

Method 1 - Find your actual joystick command
Take a look at the link below and use the test script they refer to in the Joystick section.
Autohotkey Joystick Test Script
See if you can figure out the exact command for the joystick button that you want to use for your exit button. Then edit the line KB_Escape near the bottom of your Nukelauncher.ini, in the section labeled [KeyBindings]. It should look something like this:
KB_Escape = esc
Where the "esc" is, enter the joystick button command you figured out using the test script from the joystick section on the site.

Method 2 - Try guessing your joystick command
joy1 should be your first joysticks button 1 and joy2 should be your first joysticks button 2 and so on, but if you have 2 joysticks then you need to add a number 2 in front of the joy like this 2joy1 should be your second joysticks button 1 and 2joy2 should be your second joysticks button 2 and so on. Now edit the line KB_Escape near the bottom of your NukeLauncher.ini, in the section labeled [KeyBindings] it should look something like this.
KB_Escape = esc
Where the "esc" is, enter the joystick button command you want to try, see more examples in the notes below
I can't do this for your because most joystick configurations are numbered and mine would most likely be different from yours.
Here are some examples to try:
KB_Escape = joy1 or try joy2 through joy12

KB_Escape = 2joy1 or try 2joy2 through 2joy12


What do I do when Zen adds a new table?

Buy it and support great work! They are inexpensive and a lot of fun.
Open Pinball FX2. Look at what's changed, note how many tables have been added and where they are. Note the order and the dimensions of the grid.
Open Your XML database (the one you are referencing in the "XMLPath") and add the new Table/Tables.
Open the NukeLauncher.ini. Edit the "PinballTables" variable by adding the new Table/Tables names exactly as they are referenced in your XML. Make sure you put them in the correct order.
Edit the grid dimensions variable if they are different. You might also need to update the StartLocation or the FootballLocation variables.
Here is an example of The "PinballTables" line if Zen released a new table called "Zonked" in the top left position.
Example: PinballTables = Zonked,The Walking Dead,Star Wars - Han Solo.... A change like this might make the "StartLocation" or the "FootballLocation" change so just adjust the values of those two variables in your NukeLauncher.ini.

My tables are in a different order, now what?

There are several reason why your tables might not match the picture in the "Primer" section:
  • If you own all but one table, this will apply to you.
  • If you only own a few tables, this will apply to you.
  • If you have an older copy of the game, this will apply to you.
  • If you are using a hacked version of Pinball FX2 (for shame - I don't support such behavior), this will apply to you.
  • If a new table is released, this will apply to you.

First open your favorite text editor (Do NOT use Word Pad or Microsoft Word. Those are not text editors, they are word processors and will mess up everything). Make a text list of all of your table names in the order they appear on your version of Pinball FX2. Separate each one with a comma "," and paste them in the Nukelauncher.ini file on the line "PinballTables = ".
See below for an example.
In the example below I will put four dots to represent the rest of your table names just to shorten the examples. Let's say your top left table is "SWHS" instead of the "TheWalkingDead" and your "TheWalkingDead" is the last table because you haven't bought it yet. Simply move the name around in the comma separated list and you're done.
PinballTables = SWHS,SWDroids,....,Tesla,Dorado,v12,Sorcerers,TheWalkingDead,

Then when you relaunch NukeFX it will read your new table order and you should be good to go.
If your Starting table or Football tables are not in the same positions make sure you update your "StartLocation" or "FootballTables" variable values as well.

It's picking the wrong table, now what?

There are only a few reasons it will do this:

Open your NukeLauncher.ini file and check the "PinballTables" and the "FootballTables" variable. Make sure all of the tables in my "Example NukeLauncher.ini File" are listed in yours. Your names may be slightly different but the order must match your game menu. Even if you don't own the table, it still has to be listed to act as a place holder. You must have all of the Pinball FX2 tables in your XML file.If you don't want the table to show up in your menu on your front end, change the " True" to " False" in your database XML or refer to your front end's documentation on how to hide a table.

I don't want the football tables

That's fine. Just leave the "FootballTables" variable blank and you can leave the "LastFootball" blank as well.

Re-sync LastFootball

To force a re-sync leave it blank and runPinball FX2 (NOT NukeFX). Then click on "Football" and pick the top left table, "Football - Zen Studios." After the table loads, exit Pinball FX2. NukeLauncher will automatically edit your NukeLauncher.ini and add the table name from your football table names list. Now the NukeLauncher.ini and the game will be in sync.

If that fails to work you will need to manually edit the "LastFootball" value to match the first football table name in your "FootballTables" variable. That will be the first name in that list before the first comma.
This was a tricky one because Pinball FX remembers the last table you played and we don't have access to that information, so we need to sync the two. After they are in sync we can move the selector around like we do on the main menu, and not have to go back to the top left and then back down to the table you selected.


Only do this if your cabinet looks like the image below, left, and you need the DMD flipped upside down and mirrored. This is a WIP and is not working 100% yet.
  1. Edit your NukeLauncher.ini file, setting "DMDstyle" to "p2k" and save it.
  2. Do the steps listed in the DMDstyle section but use "DMDstyle = p2k".
  3. Edit your NukeLauncher.ini file settings. At the end of the file add a "[P2k]" section with the following variable: YPos = 500
  4. Now you can change the YPos to whatever works for your setup. The other dimensions are all controlled by your dotmatrix.cfg values, like the Width, Height, and position of the DMD.
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