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NukeFX Version: 1.7
NukePA Version: 1.2

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Download NukelauncherAs a Special Bonus if you donate anything to help. See bottom of the page for things I need help with.

You will get instant access to the NukeMedia pack with all of the extra Pinball FX2 media files you need to be up and running in minuets. Even if you have your own media currently read on to see what so special about this media.

All of my media files perform better than the others ones floating around because they are all optimized thoughtfully.
Every DMD video was carefully spliced, so they start as close to the game title, if possible and play in the shortest possible seamless loop and they were captured at the Pinball FX2 native resolution, so you don't get the "screen door" effect with my media. They are all optimized in mp4 format.
Every play field video was carefully trimmed down to 30 seconds and re-sized and optimized in mp4 format.
Every wheel images was re-sized and scaled to stay in proportion with each other.
All images and videos are very high resolution, you will not see any jagged or blocky areas.

Nukelauncher Sample Gif

You get all of the following Pinball FX2 Media files.
  • All 61 table up to and including Portal
  • All table videos (All optimized to 30 seconds in MP4 format 1920x1080)
  • All table audio (All optimized to 1:24 minutes in MP3 1411kbps )
  • All table images (All optimized 1920x1080 high quality setting)
  • All backglass images (All optimized 2560X1440 high quality setting)
  • All DMD videos (All optimized for seamless loop in MP4 format (384X96 high quality setting)
  • All DMD images (All optimized (384X96 high quality setting)
  • All wheel images (All optimized 400X175 or 800X250 for starwars)
  • Here is a matched XML database Pinball FX2.XML ready to drop in place. Tip: right click and (save as)

My media files add up to just under 20MB for each table vs 150MB -180MB.

Those numbers are for each table multiply that times 61 tables that almost 10GB less data your systems has to load in and then drop while your flipping through your tables. Not to mention the storage space on your hard drive and download time. My PinballX menu is smooth as glass now.

All files are zipped up into one download and hosted in the cloud for super fast download. They are setup so you can just unzip them to your C:\PinballX\media folder and C:\PinballX\database folder. If you contribute using the PayPal Donate button you will get Instant Access to the NukeFX Media Pack download automatically at the end of the donation process.
If you already donated send me an email and I will provide a download link for you.
If you can't help by making a donation please see the list below for other ways you can help and get a link to the media pack download.

Ways you can Help and Donate

If you can help with our hosting or bandwidth costs use the donate button above. This is the best way you can help.
If you spread the word about NukeLauncher post on a new forum, send me the link. I would consider that a donation.
If you have helpful feedback on NukeLauncher, send me an email. I would consider that a donation.
If you have new feature request for NukeLauncher, send me an email. I would consider that a donation.
If you have spelling or grammar corrections for the NukeLauncher site or documentation, send me an email. I would consider that a donation.
If you have NukeLauncher a video tutorial, send me an email. I would consider that a donation.
If you have NukeLauncher in action on your pin cab video, send me an email. I would consider that a donation.
If you have spare/extra pinball cabinet parts and your willing to ship them to me, send me an email. I would consider that a donation.

Anyone donating anything helpful will get a media pack download link.

See below for a list of what I am still in need of.

If you donate parts below you will get an honorable mention both on this page and In the final build credits as well as the media pack.

I am still in need of the following
Cabinet X
Real DMD X
X Thanks Frodus
BackGlass Monitor X
PlayField Monitor X
Plunger X Thanks Christopher
Digital Plunger Kit X
Flasher LED's X Thanks Carny-priest
Buttons X
Coin Door X
Table Legs X
PlayField Glass X
Leg Bracket X Thanks Christopher
Legs X
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