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NukeFX Version: 1.7
NukePA Version: 1.2

Welcome to NukeFX

NukeFX is a Pinball FX2 launcher that automates the table selection menu and adds some other options for running the game through various front-ends and the command line.

NukeFX is fast, flexible, efficient, super smart, has more features than any other launcher I can find, and it poops rainbows. Yea, I know that sounds like I'm bragging (I guess I kinda am) but it's true. You'll see. Take a look below at some of the features NukeFX adds to Pinball FX2.

Some features built into NukeFX

Pinball FX2 Main Menu
  • We made NukeFX using smart movements to go directly to the table you picked, instead of moving the selector back to the top left position and then to the table you selected.

  • We added auto-detection of Steam / PC / Xbox Live versions base on path and registry checks. We give you full use of all the football tables, where most launchers don't support football tables at all.

  • Then we took a day off to do other stuff.

  • Then we decided that you could use the DMD border hiding support baked in, so we did that too. Most other launcher require you to go find, download, and install other programs to do that.

  • We thought it would kick ass if you could add new tables from the ini, so when Zen Studios rolls out a new table release you just update the ini. Done!

  • NukeFX supports vertical or horizontal layouts. Just update the ini file with your grid dimensions and you're ready to go. You can also adjust all aspects of timing from inside the ini file, including StartDelay / ScreenDelay / MovementDelay.

  • Next we added support for single or hotseat 2 / 3 / 4 player preference selection in the ini file.

  • We built this thing with the future in mind so everything that can be changed is editable by you or it's automated for you. It even has a pinball title guessing engine that will try to match your unique game names from your XML database and order them like they are on the Pinball FX2 table selection menu. This makes setup much easier.

  • No more renaming all of your files to fit with the launcher!

Ok, enough talk. Go get it and enjoy playing your Pinball FX2 tables on your favorite front-end.

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